I started training in the gym when I was 17 years old. After one year of training, I noticed muscle tone that I hadn't had before. I loved it and decided to join another gym that was more into bodybuilding. I started training with men which needless to say, made me work and train harder. I have the old school mentality towards training. There will always be a new exercise or new gimmick but if you always use core basic training you will never go wrong with keeping your physique staying fit. I studied exercise science in college. I took several courses to become certified in personal training and sports nutrition. Over the years, I attended several seminars on anti aging and strength training. Some of which I spoke at.

After 6 years of training, I decided to enter a fitness competition. I competed in two of them. That is when I decided I wanted to go into bodybuilding. One year later and a lot more muscle, I entered my first bodybuilding competition. I entered 3 that year. I have been competing since 1999 and entered my last show in 2007. Since my last appearance on stage, acting and video opportunities have been presented to me more so than in the past.

Presently, I am available for consultations on sports nutrition, personal training. Video work, model work and acting work. .


  • Blond hair
  • Hazel eyes
  • Height 5'4"
  • Present weight 150 lbs
  • Biceps 14"
  • Quads 23"
  • Calves 14"
  • Back 36"
  • Waist 28"
  • Dress size 7
  • Shoe size 9


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Sundance short Film (TBR 2015)
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