One on One Fitness and Nutrition

Men, women or teenager , the key to a longer and healthier life is good nutrition coordinated with an effective exercise routine. Nutrition doesn't need to be clean and boring, and neither does your exercise routine. Since 1998, I have been teaching people the right way to eat and get the nutrition that you need, and still keep your meals fun and enjoyable. And what about exercise? Well it needs to be fun, motivating and something that you want to do and stick with. Hey, I am going to get bored going over the same routine every time I see you. Your personal fitness trainer should always be thinking of something new to introduce to a different muscle on your physique. I have numerous training programs and exercises that will keep you coming to the gym, day after day, week after week.

So why do you need a personal trainer? After all, you can buy numerous programs off the television at 3am in the morning. You need a personal trainer to keep you accountable, motivated, and excited about working on a better, leaner, and healthier you. And besides, no tape or other trainer is going to have my personality and my experience, personal experience not what I read about or was "only" taught. This is very important. T

The person you choose to personally help you with your nutrition and to personally construct an exercise routine specifically for you should have done all of this him/herself. This person should know what it feels like to feel a certain muscle working as you are in the middle of a set.

Michelle Falsetta, One on One Fitness and Nutrition in NYC Michelle Falsetta, One on One Fitness and Nutrition  in NYC Michelle Falsetta, One on One Fitness and Nutrition  in NYC

Group Fitness

Some people exercise better in a group. The advantage of doing so is, you pick up energy from the room and you get to see how other people perform an exercise correctly or incorrectly. This does help you see where you are on the fitness chart by comparing your abilities to that of others. Also, seeing other people working hard, motivates you to work hard as well. You work harder, push yourself beyond your self-imposed limits, and enjoy the friendships you build along the way. I offer several group options for you and your friends, which will help you reach your health goals quicker.

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Cardio-Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • 6 Pack Abs

Michelle Falsetta, Group Fitness in NYC Michelle Falsetta, Group Fitness in NYC

Corporate Fitness

Is your business or company taking steps to help its employees get fit and healthy? If it's not, it should be. Studies show that healthy workers are more productive in their workday. Workflow is more efficient and workers are more alert and make less mistakes. A healthy workforce may also mean a reduction in employee sick days and health insurance premiums.

I am available to train your employees on site, during their lunch hours or other designated break. Many of the training sessions revolve around simple exercises that can even be done at home with minimal amounts of equipment. Any of my group training sessions can be brought to your company and implemented several times a week for groups of employees.

Senior Fitness

When an individual (especially a senior) abstains from a basic activity such as stretching this is only going to end up with injury. It is so important to regain your flexibility. I teach you how to stretch to prevent injury. This is so important, I couldn't stress this enough.

By strengthening your core you are taking off unnecessary pressure on your back. This pressure causes back pain which could have been prevented by strengthening your abdominal area. Improving your balance, flexibility, and strength will help you move around easier, feel better and you will find you will have less ailments than you did prior to starting an exercise program. Simple tasks like taking out the garbage, walking up and down stairs, carrying grocery, waling to the bus can start to be less of a "chore".

I work with seniors in a one on one setting or as a group. If you are battling arthritis or osteoporosis, herniated disks, have prosthesis....I have heard it all!! I will customize a stretch and strength work out for you. There's nothing more rewarding than to see a group of lively seniors finishing their workout for the day. Contact me now to get started on a healthy, vibrant, and more active you!

Michelle Falsetta, Senior Fitness in NYC Michelle Falsetta, Senior Fitness in NYC Michelle Falsetta, Senior Fitness in NYC

Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation

Having been a competitive bodybuilder since 1996, I have lived the lifestyle of offseason, contest preparation, and actual stage presentation. Let me share my years of competitive experience with you. Whether you are a seasoned or a first time competitor, the critical eye of an experienced coach can help you hone your physique to its maximum potential.

Diet and nutrition are an important piece to the puzzle, as is a solid training regimen. I will review your current diet and training program and make the necessary changes to get you stage ready. But there's more to bodybuilding, figure and fitness than eating and lifting. You also need to be able to present your physique in a manner that shows off your strengths and hides any weaknesses. Your mandatory poses require a careful eye, to tweak your form and positioning. We will work together to help you showcase your hardwork.

Gastric and Laparoscopic Surgery Recovery and Maintenance

Obesity is one of the most serious health issues facing society today. People of all ages and walks of life are plagued with this potentially debilitating and life-threatening condition. Fortunately, some are fortunate enough to catch this condition early and learn how to maintain their weight through diet and exercise. But some require more intensive procedures to control their weight.

To commit to having gastric bypass and other laparoscopic surgeries to control your weight is a major step. But it's those surgeries will not work on their own. You do need a healthy eating plan; knowing what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to it. You also need a good exercise routine to help build lean muscle, gain strength and help to burn those excess unwanted pounds. I find that one of the biggest needs, is accountability which comes with working with a personal trainer. You've invested in yourself in having the surgery, now continue to invest in yourself to become healthier, stronger and more alive through one on one coaching and personal training.